UK schools


Winton School, Andover


Our founder, Peter Donkor, was teaching here when he first conceived the idea of starting a school in his home country.

Together with the PTA, he raised a substantial amount of money towards the building of the first classroom block, and the pupils of Winton Andover and Awutu Winton have always enjoyed a close connection.

Rodborough School, Milford

Andrew Smith, who is the current Headmaster of Rodborough, held the same post at Winton during Peter Donkor’s early days at the school.


EDP was the main charity to benefit from Rodborough’s fundraising efforts in 2014, with events ranging from fun runs to cake sales. Their Year 8 group was also brimming with ideas for cooperation with Awutu-Winton; it is truly inspiring to be forging links with such interested, intelligent and dynamic young people!


Mrs. Westhead is also currently in the process of organising Rodborough's very own trainer appeal which will no doubt be a great success.


Canford, Wimborne


Awutu-Winton has now hosted a group from Canford for two consecutive summers!


After a successful trip in July 2014, this year saw a group of eight students and two teachers visit Ghana.

The Canfordians participated in a number of different lessons and activities, and thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

When staying at the school, Canford students get to meet young people with hopes and dreams just like them, and learn about a wonderfully vibrant and colourful new culture.

 As well as holding a number of fundraising events next year, Canford also has plans for another trip out to Awutu-Bereku.


To hear more about the recent visit and have a look at Canford's fantastic blog, click on the link below.