School Initiatives

Literacy Skills Programme

At the end of 2016 EDP secured a generous grant from the British and Foreign Schools Society to improve literacy at AWSHS. This has resulted in a comprehensive programme led by Peter Donkor, to increase literacy levels in English and in other subjects. To do this, teachers from all academic departments will be working to improve English oral, writing, reading and comprehension skills. Embedding this throughout the school curriculum will emphasise the importance of students mastering the English language. 

Some of the activities which will form part of the programme include debates, reading clubs, drama clubs, spelling quizzes and individual mentoring. We hope that the programme will help spark the students enthusiasm for English by offering a range of activities where students can pursue their interests, whilst improving their English proficiency.

Students participating in a local debate competition.

Boys and Girls Week

Boys and Girls week is an annual event which focuses on student health and welfare and employability. Each year AWSHS welcomes professionals to the school to deliver key messages; this years programme included information on reproductive health and adolescent risk behaviours. The AWSHS curriculum caters not only to the students' academic learning, but also aims to equip students with life skills and knowledge about how to lead healthy lifestyles. 

Careers Day

A regular feature in the student calendar is Careers Day, an annual event that seeks to broader our students horizons, and enable them to create links with industry.

In the 2017 Careers Day, AWSHS teamed up with the Ghana Think Foundation, in their programme Junior Camp Ghana, to deliver a Careers focused event for students of AWSHS. This was a fantastic event which involved a number of guest speakers and workshops, to showcase a range of career paths students could consider after graduation.

The schedule for the day was packed full of useful talks including a Google Digital Skills Session and breakout workshops with representatives from different industries. Throughout the day there were plenty of opportunities for questions and networking. Representatives from a range of different industries were in attendance from communication and marketing to banking and finance, journalism and the media, fashion, architecture and many more. We are incredibly grateful to all of the mentors who attended the event and inspired our students. We look forward to developing more partnerships with NGO's and industry in Ghana to ensure our students have the best opportunities when they graduate. 

Alumni returning to the school to deliver presentations on life after AWSHS

Just one of the fantastic external speakers at Careers Day