Champions of Sustainability

Recycling and Awareness

Sustainability continues to be a priority of ours, with a new recycling programme aiming to reduce waste significantly, through the introduction of new bins and the election of environmental prefects and champions. This coincides with new environmental awareness programmes to educate all our students and staff. We have partnered with the Environmental Justice Foundation as well as Trashy Bags Africa, to inspire our community during ‘Moral Talk’ sessions and school trips about the importance of valuing waste and the dangers of plastic pollution, a major issue here in Ghana.

We go Solar!

In May, after months of planning and logistical challenges, solar equipment donated from the UK finally arrived at the school. Dan Smith of Potentia Engineering and his team installed ninety-two solar panels on the roofs of the swimming pool block and the Robertson Building, providing the school with 30kWp of renewable power. It aims to reduce disruptions to the learning experience of our students and pave the way for new opportunities, as Ghana’s electrical supply remains inconsistent. We eagerly await the arrival of additional inverters to take the school entirely off-grid. We thank Dan and his team for their tireless work and generosity, and all other donors involved in this monumental effort, including HH Global, Puredrive Energy Ltd, Nanosun, Industar, Edmundsons Electrical, and Dainton Group Services.

Our Local Partners and Friends

During their two-week stay, Dan and his team also had time to visit the Future Stars International School and Orphanage, which was devastated during a recent storm. They were able to rebuild the roof of one of the classrooms, providing a beacon of hope for children in the former Liberia Refugee Camp.

Weekly coding programme sessions began in January in partnership with AYOGG, with thirty Form One students, including five girls, regularly attending. They aim to use their new skills to solve some of Ghana’s challenges through digital solutions.

Go Girl Ghana continues to educate our girls on sexual health and gender issues. Indeed, we regularly receive inspirational guest speakers from other organisations, including the likes of Leta Greene from Ghana Makes A Difference, who gave an important talk on confidence in January.

The construction of new disability ramps during the Easter holidays highlights our continuous mission to support our most vulnerable students, many of whom come from our local partners. The Visual Arts Department is also taking shape, with drawing classes often held alfresco around campus.

Sports Excitement at Winbley Park and Beyond

For the first time since its opening, the grandstand of Winbley Park was at full capacity during the regional Ball Games tournament in February, infusing the school with a carnival-like atmosphere. Excited students from eleven schools participated in various sports, including netball, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, handball, and football. Our boys reached the football final, only agonisingly to lose out on penalties, after having not conceded for the whole tournament. Indeed, the Winton Football Academy has been impressive this year, remaining unbeaten in their last nine matches.

Athletics recently resumed in May, and students are eager to represent the school at upcoming regional competitions. Volleyball and swimming also remain popular, with hundreds of children learning to swim at our pool. The Awutu Winton Water Polo team, now three-time national champions, even had a successful training camp in Durban, South Africa in April.

New Sports: Rugby and Cricket Take Off

Rugby has been a hit since its introduction in January. Partnering with Rugby League Federation Ghana, coach Julius and our volunteer Seb Woodhouse train students twice a week. Our two rugby girl scholars from northern Ghana, along with twelve other girls, and a boy’s squad of twenty-five, have played in a total of eight competitive and nail-biting fixtures. Students watched Rugby 7s at the African Games in March, where Ghana beat Zimbabwe at the nation’s new purpose-built rugby stadium. The school also hosted its first round of fixtures in May, with hopes for many more.

Cricket has likewise thrived with a new partnership with Nsromma Cricket Academy, bringing in two national team players as coaches, including Richmond Baaleri, who opens as a batsman. Training has been enhanced with a new cricket pitch and net donated by Adam Friend. Students also watched South Africa’s women’s and men’s teams at the African Games, and have recently completed their first round of matches. You can look forward to the photos in the next newsletter!

A large part of this progress in sports should be credited to our young volunteer Seb Woodhouse, who has been working at the school since the beginning of the year. His energy and dedication are remarkable, and it is not only the sports department which has benefited. Without his drive and enthusiasm we would not have advanced so far with our Recycling and Awareness initiative either, and we are very grateful to him.

Black Star Rally

On June 5th, seventeen car enthusiasts embarked on an exciting journey from Plymouth to Santander, setting off on a ferry with an impressive array of vehicles. Among them were a Caterham 7 driven by Max, a Nomad piloted by Paul Maddicott, two Porsche 911s with Emma Matthews and Adam Williams at the helm, a stunning BMW M4, and three Mercedes, including the car of the rally, a £1500 Mercedes SLK V6. Joining the group from southern France, Jerry and Kiren added to the convoy in their BMW M5.

The route took the participants to Pamplona and the Basque Pyrenees, through some spectacular scenery, before returning to Santander. The purpose of the rally was to raise money for EDP’s next project – our new Music Department – and it was a great success, as well as a very enjoyable adventure for all concerned!

Anglo-French Evening

We are spreading our net wider!

On 15th June in Gascony a fundraising event was held for EDP by Salva and Francoise, dear friends of the charity. It was a great evening, with Philippe Suchet and friend Philigen, and Susan and Peter of Reprise providing amazing music, and our wonderful hosts offering delicious food (which included twenty metres of Toulouse sausage!).

The lottery was well attended and all the guests were very generous, and again all the funds raised will go towards the Music Department. Thankfully the weather was kind, the evening was spent dancing under the stars and a great time was had by all.

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