Trustees visit 2019

Photogrqph's from the Trustees November 2019 visit to AWSHS.

Independence Day Parade 2019


On March 6th members of the Awutu Winton Air Force Cadets paraded in honour of the 62nd Independence day celebrations. The Commander was Daniella Abankwa. 

Great Ghana Run 2018


A total of 387 people participated in the Great Ghana Run in November 2018 in order to raise funds for AWSHS.

Great Winton Ghana Run 2017

Look through the album to see all the participants taking on the challenge of the Great Winton Ghana Run on November 18th 2017. 

From the very early days to how the school looks today, see how it has changed...



Check out this album to see all of EDP's fundraising efforts and events. The album includes pictures from the London Marathon and the Great South Run amongst others. 

Witness how our students get the most out of every working day from early morning socialising to late night studying in the library...

Our holistic approach to education is apparent in the variety of after-school activities that students can get involved in...

It is easier to learn the principles of business when you can apply them to real life examples...

A glimpse of the crazy, colourful and captivating world that is West Africa...

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