Bee club

Students have got really caught up in the whole process of beekeeping, from populating the hives to harvesting the honey. 

It is one of the most well established and popular clubs at Awutu Winton.

Carpentry club

Ashen who has done a lot of the woodwork around the school is in charge of this club, which enjoys a strong following. 

We have 15 carpentry sets which were brought down from the UK and the first lesson was about introducing the

students to the different tools. Up until recently they had been engaged in making new bee hives and simple stools

for the classrooms but now are starting to begin more ambitious projects.


Students take their role seriously in the cadet club and are very disciplined. Their displays are always the highlight of official ceremonies at the school.


You will note that in all these clubs the girls play an equal part.

NB: all guns are made of wood!!


Sport is obviously a vital element in any student's school life, but here they are particularly football mad- which is why everyone is so excited that we will soon be able to host inter-school matches, once our sports field has been extended.

Volunteers are using the sports pitch to teach students touch rugby and rounders; this is in addition to the regular offer of football, volleyball and athletics.


As well as the sports pitch, the volleyball court outside Valerie Dix Hall is very popular, with EDP volunteers often joining in the matches!