When the school first began it was an ambitious project and being the only school of its kind in Southern Ghana, 

Ruth Tawiah is currently a third year student at the University of Education Winneba on a MasterCard Foundation Scholarship from Camfed Ghana. Alongside her studies Ruth volunteers her time to community services with the other scholars on her campus. Some of the activities she has been involved in include cleaning up exercises on the campus, delivering talks to school dropouts at the Sir Charles beach, organising the donation of food items and toiletries to prisoners at Winneba prisons, organising the donation of stationery to pre-school students of Ayesuadze Presby Basic School, and spending time with disabled children at The Mephiboseth Training Center - Ankamu.

Ruth is heavily involved in student life and served as the Public Relations Officer for the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Community at Camfed Ghana. Ruth explains how she had the honour of representing the community in Zambia and South Africa at The Camfed International Global Team Meeting in Johannesburg, having the opportunity to make inputs to inspire the next generation. Ruth is currently the campus coordinator for Camfed Ghana at UEW. She also serves as the Member of the Students' Parliament for the Economics department at her University. 

Ruth graduated from AWSHS in July 2013. She explains that AWSHS gave her the opportunity to take on leadership roles, including being a class Prefect and Avon House Vice President. AWSHS challenged Ruth to aim higher in life and she reflects on how the young teaching staff were an inspiration to her, and she is striving to be an inspiration to others as well. 


AWSHS Graduate Vida is currently excelling at her midwifery course and hopes to become qualified in the near future. We wish her the very best in her endeavours and it is great to see her enjoying training for her dream job. (Pictured to the right). 

PBA Fish Farm Graduates


Pill-Brook Aquatics Fish Farms in the Volta Region, or PBA, has employed 11 graduates of AWSHS since its inception. The work involves the farming and harvest of tilapia fish, a major export of Ghana. 7 AWSHS graduates continue to work for PBA in the farming of tilapia fish. 

PBA also offers an internship program for current students, this gives them exposure to aquaculture, a growing industry in Ghana. PBA accepts up to 10 students annually offering them 2-4 week internships. We foresee that the number of eligible candidates at the school who could  consider this form of employment will only increase now that students are learning to swim, using the pool at the school. This is a prerequisite for the role, and training our students to swim will enable them to access these industries, expanding their job prospects. 

The video below shows the most recent harvest of tilapia. Once harvested the produce is sold to large-scale fish distributors, the main revenue for PBA actually coming from domestic revenue. 

Watch our graduates in action working on the farming of the fish. [Click on the image to the right to see a short video from the PBA fish harvest].