About us

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EDP is a small, family run UK charity which was set up in 2009 by David

and Inez Lunan. At the beginning, EDP's aim was to promote educational initiatives within the developing world. However we very soon realised that with our limited resources, we needed to focus on one particular project and put all our efforts into trying to do it properly.





The Awutu-Winton School, founded as a fee-free Senior High School in Ghana, West Africa, was the inspiration of Peter Donkor, a Ghanaian maths teacher at the Winton Comprehensive School in Andover, UK. When Inez and David first met Peter, he had already achieved an impressive amount. Awutu Bereku, a poor community of nearly 100,000 people, had been selected as the location for the project due to the lack of any senior secondary level schools in its surrounding area. With the support of the PTA of Winton School Andover and the Methodist Church where Peter and his wife Mary worship, sufficient money had been raised to buy the land on which construction of the initial classroom block had advanced quite a way. Nevertheless, despite his best efforts, fundraising had lapsed and work had been discontinued.


Peter's ambition to create a school for disadvantaged youngsters, however, was unabated and it did not take him long to inspire David and Inez with his passion. By drawing in all their friends and business contacts, a huge groundswell of goodwill was generated which kick-started the project off again.