Canford visit Awutu-Winton for the second year running...

July saw 8 students and 2 teachers visit Awutu and  the trip was a resounding success, thanks in particular to the hard work of volunteers Tom Cronin and Camila Bossano.


Every day was jam-packed with activity. As well as participating in lessons at the school, the Canfordians got involved in extracurricular clubs, social enterprises and cooking sessions with Auntie Aggie, and even gave a moral talk for the AWSHS students.


Top left: Students help make AbroFresh juice. Top right: Getting involved in the aquaponics project. Below: The Canfordians join AWSHS students on a trip to the beach.


With the trip out to Ghana, Canford students meet young people with hopes and dreams just like them, and learn about a wonderfully vibrant and colourful new culture.


For some great photos and more information about the trip, have a look at the wonderful blog from Canford here.

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