Trusts and Foundations

As a small charity we rely on support from charitable trusts and foundations and we would like to thank the following trusts and foundations for their support:

The British and Foreign School Society

The British and Foreign School Society work to maximise educational opportunity for all. They particularly reach out to children and young people in remote or impoverished areas. BFSS have kindly donated a generous sum to supporting the literacy skills project at AWSHS. 

Austin Bailey Foundation

The Austin Bailey Foundation was established to help those less fortunate who are in need or adversity. Approximately 25% of unrestricted income is given to relief agencies for the relief of poverty and ill-health, and the fostering of opportunities for young people in the developing world. 

Evan Cornish Foundation

The Evan Cornish Foundation was created in memory of the late Evan Cornish, a successful businessman who passed away in 2002. The foundation supports charitable activities in the local, national and international communities

Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust

Set up in 1979, the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust is committed to promoting education, peace and development in the Third World. Allan and Nesta contributed towards the hardship fund, ensuring barriers are removed for the neediest of students to fully participate in their education. 

Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust

The Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust was set up in 1947 by the late Dr. BL Rathbone, by money left by his autn Elanor. Eleanor was the first woman to be elected to Liverpool City Council. The trust supports a range of causes including the delivering of clean water and sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa, and they kindly contributed to the construction of boreholes at AWSHS.

Canning Trust

Since 1985 the Canning Trust has donated almost half a million pounds to good causes, typically assisting with care for the sick and disadvantaged as well as promoting education.