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EDP's focus currently is on a small educational project, which involves running a secondary school, FREE OF FEES , in a disadvantaged community in Awutu, Ghana , West Africa.

Education is the only route out of poverty and despair and it is the gift which no child in our world should be denied.

In addition EDP is involved in a number of local enterprise schemes as a way of creating long-term financial stability for the school. Currently they consist of a fresh pineapple and moringa juice distribution project and a local bee farm at the school producing honey and bees wax. In addition a local bakery is being considered and investigations are also under way ( as at March 2012 ) to form a commercial fish farm on nearby Lake Volta with EDP as a participating shareholder.

All schemes have as their long term aim to train and educate whilst also looking to create profitable operations that eventually can help sustain the school and therefore keep it free of fees .

The charging of fees are the main excluder of education in poor communities , thus perpetuating the poverty trap. In Ghana , a reasonably stable country with good long term economic prospects , only 45 % of all pupils over the age of 14 go onto secondary school , and less than 40% of these are girls .

EDP's aim is to offer a comprehensive education , with an equal balance of girls and boys , up to pre-university level.

Also with the recent Football World Cup still looming large in our minds from the 2010 South African event, in which Ghana in particular performed so heroically , it is the opportunity to emphasise the connection with the sport through education, as it is a passion which crosses boundaries and can unite disparate communities, and EDP is therefore also currently engaged in expanding its sporting facilities on offer at the Awutu School.

EDP-Trust is a small family charity with a passion for education.

EDP-Trust is a small UK registered charity involved in educational projects in disadvantaged communities .

Having retired full-time from their successful, family owned accessories wholesaling business, in 2008 the founders of the EDP Trust wished to put something back into one of the regions which has helped to bring them success in the past.

The Awutu-Winton Senior High School in Southern Ghana was a project that EDP was able to identify - through local connections near its base in Hampshire , Southern England, as being in need of ongoing funding to achieve its aims of bringing much needed educational opportunities to the children of that partcular community which at that time had no immediate local secondary school to serve a wide population catchment of maybe 50,000 .

The charity plans to concentrate on the school development in Awutu, Ghana with the focus on personal involvement, whilst linking the operation in Awutu to local schols in England and maintaining the key element of being FEE FREE !

** EDP-Trust appointed a Project Manager based in Ghana in February 2010. Please click to the LATEST NEWS section above to learn more. **